Slow Pitch on the Mathematics of Photography

On Wednesday, December 8, I will be giving a talk in the Slow Pitch Colloquium on "The Mathematics of Photography." The abstract is listed below. I'll post the slides/photos from the talk once it is done.

Location: MATH350
Time: Wednesday, December 8 at 4:00pm

Abstract: As we're all scrambling to pull the end of the semester together, it's time for something easy and fun for this week's Slow Pitch. I gave a similar talk several years ago on this topic, and was asked by some to bring it back. This week, we'll look at the history, use and exploration of color, light and perspective from the mathematician's viewpoint. The two main topics we'll cover are: (1) How famous names in math and science have made photography of the visible and invisible world possible, and (2) how to create stereographic projections with a point-and-shoot camera and open-source math software.

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