Take Home Quiz - Improper Integrals

Due Date: 
Monday, September 13, 2010 - 16:00
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MATH2300-005 – Fall 2010 – University of Colorado

Quiz - Due Monday, September 13, 2010

  1. Evaluate the integral

    \int _{1}^{4}\frac{dx}{(x-2)^{{2/3}}}\, dx
  2. Evaluate the integral

    \int _{{-\infty}}^{0}\frac{e^{x}\, dx}{3-2e^{x}}
  3. Replacement Question: While trying to escape a wildfire, a family of four prairie dogs comes to a bridge. They realize that the bridge is old and only two of them may cross at a single time. Making matters worse, it is night and they only have one headlamp. So, two will cross and then one will return with the headlamp, then two more will cross and one will return, etc. When two prairie dogs cross the bridge, they will always travel at the pace of the slower prairie dog. Daddy Prarie Dog can cross the bridge in 1 minute, Mommy Prairie Dog can cross in 2 minutes, Junior Prairie Dog crosses in 5 minutes and Baby Prairie Dog crosses in 10 minutes. If the fire will arrive at their location and burn the bridge, taking with it any possibility of escape, in 17 minutes and 30 seconds, is there a chance for the family to survive?

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