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Meeting Place/Time: ECCR 1B55 - MTWThF 2:00-2:50 PM

Text: Calculus, by Hughes-Hallet et. al. (Wiley) 5th edition

Course Websites:

Calculators: A TI-83 or equivalent is required for this course.

WeBWorK Info:

  • Login Details: Use your CU identikey as your username and your buff number (with dashes) as your password.
  • You have 5 attempts at each problem until that problem is locked out.
  • Due dates are posted. (You will have approximately 2 days for each assignment.

Facebook group/forum

Search for "Fall 2010 Math 2300" on Facebook to find the Facebook group/forum set up for students in this class to discuss WeBWorK and other course topics.

For remaining details (grading, structure, etc.) please refer to the course syllabus.

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